Q: I’m trying to connect my m.e to my car stereo.  What do I need to make it work?

A: The m.e can be connected to a car stereo several ways.  If the car stereo has an AUX-in port, set your radio to AUX and connect the m.e in between the MP3 or mobile phone and the AUX port.  If you don’t have an AUX-in, you can use an FM modulator.  JETech makes an exceptionally good FM modulator that works great with the m.e.

Q: I have been using the m.e with my iPhone through the 3.5mm jack, but I’m getting some intermittent static sometimes.  Is there a problem connecting the m.e. to an iPhones?

A: If you get static, then you may have to purchase Apple’s 3.5mm adapter or Lightning port adapter.  Some models of iPhones reported problems with non-Apple devices.  We have tested the m.e on iPhone, 4, 6, and 7 models without issues once installing the Apple Lightning adapter cable.  We have not had any problems with Android phones.

Q: I have enabled the auto on-off feature on my m.e.  Sometimes, my music is shutting off automatically.  Is there something I can do to fix that?

A: Auto on-off will operate if the volume level on the mobile device is at least half way.  If the music is soft and has a lot of dynamics, it is best to use manual mode.  Auto on-off work best with music without a lot of dynamics such as pop and rock.

Q: I would like to connect my m.e. to my soundbar and TV.  What is the best way to connect it?

A: The m.e. connects to a sound bar or TV either through the audio AUX in jack, RCA out using an adapter cable, or optical out with an adapter.  We have tested all of the possible ways to connect these devices, but we find that premium audio is best using an optical adapter.

Q: Does the battery life depend on how loud you listen to your music with the m.e ?

A: Yes, if you are listening to your music loud and not at safe volume levels, it will put more drain on the battery.  For longest battery life, adjust the volume for clarity, and fullness, but not too loud that it hurts your ears.

Q: How can I order another 3.5mm cord for my m.e?

A: Just send us a message or call us, we sell replacement audio cables.

Q: Is the m.e. waterproof?

A: No, the m.e is not waterproof.  If water gets inside, it will damage it.

Q: Do I have to wait to charge the m.e fully before using it?

A: No, you can charge the m.e for any period.  Full charge is 15 minutes, but if charging for less, it will still work, but will not last as long.  We have charged a m.e for 2 minutes and was able to play music for over an hour.

Q: Can the m.e be used with a USB audio connector?

A: No, the m.e has to be plugged in using 3.5mm connections.

Q:  I have used the m.e on a plane with the in-flight entertainment systems, but with the m.e volume boost, I can’t turn down the volume as low as I want it.  Is there any way to solve this?

A: The m.e. defaults to maximum gain.  Press the button 3 times toggles the gain setting either high or low.  See the user manual for more information.