Applications for the m.e.

The m.e. can be used literally on every piece of audio equipment in your life. From Head-sets-phones-buds, Sound Bars, Car Stereos, TVs and you can even plug it into a airplane’s Infotainment System.  The m.e. will change the way you listen to music.


The m.e. was designed for the musician.  The musician is the one that suffers on stage trying to hear what they are singing or playing. They get stuck with monitors that are shared with other musicians, so to compensate, they have to increase the volume of amps, and it starts to go downhill from there.  To solve this problem, personal sound monitors are being installed on stages across the globe.  These systems allow the musicians to hear and isolate instruments and vocals.  However, expensive earbuds are used to recreate what they use to hear with monitors or amps.  In most cases, what they hear is audio in a box, compressed and without life.  Adding the m.e. to these in-ears systems will amplify, expand and excite the audio.  It will then sound like you didn’t have earbuds on at all.

Earbuds and Headphones

I think exercising is one of the most important things you can do for your body, but let’s face it, it takes a lot of time and determination to stay with it.  To past the time, you might use your earbuds and listen to some favorite tunes, but your listening experience is more to past the time versus being in musical bliss.

Once you add the m.e. to your earbuds audio path, you actually feel like you are at a concert listening to the band in the front row.  Now the time goes by quickly since you are now in musical meditation and you hear instruments and vocal harmonies in songs you may have listened to a thousand time before come out in the song.

Car Stereo

Most of your music listening will take place in your car.  Just the commute to work could be hours.  You pass the time listening to your car’s music system, but are you in musical Zen?  One of the most noticeable application with the m.e. is connecting it to a car’s stereo system through an aux-in or using an FM modulator with a 3.5mm input jack.  It will sound like you just added a power amp and EQ all at once, even though it took you a minute to connect it.  But the excitement has only just started.  The music will come to life as it was when it was recorded in the studio.  Every instrument and vocal will be heard with HD sound quality.  The music will surround you, and you will be in musical ecstasy.

Sound Bars

Sound bars are starting to get popular since they provide a much better listening experience while watching your favorite TV show or movie. However, the audio is still tainted with filters that make it difficult to hear voices and sound effects.  Adding the m.e. to the sound bar will remove the audio film and make it so you hear every nuance of the audio.  Even people with hearing aids will notice a big difference when the m.e. is present.


Gaming is getting more virtual and interactive everyday.  Gamers are looking for an edge on their opponent.  VR headsets are starting to revolutionize the industry by allowing the gamer to see all around and look for hidden treasures.  Sounds that are embedded in the games can be used as a competitive tool.  Gamers are purchasing expensive headsets with  noise canceling and amplification to gain that edge.  However, the louder these headsets amplify sound, they don’t help with hearing nuances and sound effects clearly.  Adding the m.e. with a headset will allow the gamer to hear everything!  If there was a sound recorded, the m.e. will pick it up so that it could be heard in all its glory.