The m.e.™ was engineered to hear every sound, instrument, and note with unmatched clarity. It’s durable design easily handles both stage and performance with over 80 hours of battery life.

Plug your device into the m.e.™ and you will be immediately transported to the front row of a live concert! The sound you will hear is like nothing you’ve heard before! It delivers outstanding VR and 3D audio to all your listening devices: smart phone, headphones, TV, gaming systems, car and more.

  • Durable design to handle stage and performance
  • One button control with battery savings features
  • Small, durable and light weight aluminum casing with chrome finish.
  • Low and high gain settings
  • Battery life up to 80 hours
  • Boosts volume without adding additional noise
  • Charges in 15 minutes though USB port.
  • Removable key chain feature
  • Smaller than a matchbook